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Wednesday, 07/04/2012, 08:56 am

Anthony Johnson Moves To Light Heavyweight And Feels Renewed 'It makes me want to fight again' | MMA News

By Jamie McAllister
Anthony Johnson in an interview with MMAWeeklyRadio.

Johnson has had troubles beating the scale throughout his career originally a Welterweight Rumble even opted for a move to 185-pounds and still could not make the weight coming in way over for his fight with Vitor Belfort. After losing to Belfort Johnson was also cut from the UFC and in his first fight outside of the promotion again missed the Middleweight limit.

“I was trying to cut the weight the day before the fight, water was coming out and everything was working, then the day of the fight stuff just stopped working. My body just pretty much shut down again,”

Johnson believes all the cuts to 170-pounds have left lasting damage to his body and left him incapable of cutting significant amounts of weight.

“I think it’s from me cutting so much to 170 that my body’s like I can’t do this tremendous amount of weight cutting anymore. That’s why I just have to move up.”

After two unsuccessful tries at making the Middleweight limit Johnson has opted to move to Light-Heavyweight and looks to put his weight troubles behind him.

“I try not to let it bother me, I just try to think of the fight itself and then when something like this happens and my body just starts acting up I just wait till after to really think about what’s going on. I just tell myself to keep pushing and keep trying and if I don’t succeed then hopefully I get another chance, another day to try again,”

“I sat down with my coaches and we just decided that 205 would be best for me. That way I can perform even better and I don’t have much to worry about, if anything. We’re excited about it and I feel good about it already. I already feel like I have more energy, more strength, and I’m excited about it.”

Johnson admits he now looks forward to training a lot more as he is not burdened with large amounts of weight to shift.

“It makes a huge difference. I look forward to training now and doing everything and the fact that I can be pretty much where I want and be like hey I’ve only got 15 pounds to go. I’m two months away from a fight possibly, so it takes a lot of stress off my mind and I won’t be letting other people down and letting myself down. It makes me want to fight again,”

“Before I was like, this just isn’t working. Now I’m like, I can handle this.”

Johnson believes the move to Light-Heavyweight will benefit his career and he feels he has all the tools to make an impact at 205.

“It’s like it’s either now or never. Now’s the time and I’ve just got to run with it. Each camp I feel a little bit better, I keep improving, doing better things inside the gym, and outside of the gym. Everything is progressing more even though I’ve had my ups and downs,”

“I know I can fight at 205, that won’t be a problem. Cause I have the size, speed and the strength for it. I probably should have been fighting 205 a long time ago, but just being me thinking I can do it all, making dumb decisions, maturing, it’s going to work out.”

Now at Light-Heavyweight Rumble is ready to fight and is waiting for the call to find out who his next opponent will be.

“Hell, I’m here to fight,” said Johnson. “Put somebody in there and let’s do it.”

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24 Responses to “Anthony Johnson Moves To Light Heavyweight And Feels Renewed 'It makes me want to fight again' | MMA News”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    He should have done this a long time ago but thought he couldve been the welterweight champion in ufc. I would like to see him in a 205 bout !

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      any bets Rumble misses weight at 205. his whole problem has always been same as Fitch’s they are afrid to fight anyone their own size

      • jones says:

        fitch hater,,thats funny i was going say that he is going miss weight for 205 now,,,this idiot is a fool he is a coward to fight peope his own size,,this should have been done years ago but he was too scared ,so scared he wuild rather get cut from ufc

  2. lambo says:

    He is Fighting Matt Uhde out of The Cave Man Crew in Kansas CIty. I have trained with him for 2 Years. Rumble will be welcomed to the LHW with a nice big L!!

  3. lambo says:

    He will be fighting Matt Uhde out of the Cave Man Crew in Kansas City. I’ve trained with Matt for the last 2years, he will welcome Rumble to 205 with a nice big L!!

  4. Michael B. says:

    Holy freakin run-on sentence Batman! Dear writer, ever heard of punctuation? I mean come-on. Isn’t this supposed to be a professionally written article? What is happening to

  5. maurice says:

    thank god rumble. personally i feel sorry that rumble keeps puttin his body through hell trying to make weights he just cant make anymore. hopefully all works out well and we see rumble back in the ufc as a lhw. hell i wouldnt be suprised to see rumble beat guys like shogun, davis, shad etc. he’s definentlly a great athlete with some sick skills inside the cage. and dont quote me on that shogun comment, i might have went a little far with that one. lol.

  6. m says:

    dude will always be a beast. we’ll see how he likes fighting people his own size.

  7. Bob says:

    Is this guy even worth mentioning? Besides the fact he doesnt know how to make weight I dont have respect for him because of how much weight he use to try to cut to pick on smaller guys and still sucked. I rather hear about Bob sapp then this clown. Hes going to get murdered in light heavy!!

  8. BobbyLemons says:

    This shit makes me feel sorry for Dan Hardy.

  9. David says:

    All i have to say is FUCK ANTHONY JOHNSON

  10. jdubx says:

    yea he definitely fucked up his body cutting to 170, which kinda sucks because i’m sure he could’ve done well at 185… i’m excited to see him at 205 though.

  11. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    To me Rumble looks like he’s been hitting the juice. Rumble will get smashed fighting anyone even remotely close to his own size

  12. Xaninho says:

    This big motherfucker should just go HW. So he can be at the all you can eat buffet every night.

  13. Me says:

    His advantage was his size at WW , he was never an elite in wrestling nor striking , I mean he was good , but not elite, now we can see his skills at a more real test in LHW

  14. maurice says:

    @ANDY lol yea i kno man. once i typed shogun i was like idk. but honestly i wouldnt be suprised if rumble beat him. things will get tough for him at lhw, but shit he knows that. i been just as dissapointed in him as everyone else, but i havent lost my faith. its sad to see a fan fav like rumble be looked at in such a negative way because the bs he’s been goin through lately. reminds me of rampage, big fan fav, but once dude stops delivering ppl hate his ass. once a fan always a fan.

  15. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    without massive size advantage Rumble will fold up like a cheap lawn chair

  16. T.DADDY says:

    Translation.. I’m to lazy to make weight

  17. Mike says:

    Good Luck Anthony, cutting weight is bad for you.

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