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Wednesday, 07/04/2012, 08:21 am

Ortiz Thinks Anderson Should Create An Image For Himself So He Is Not Just Remembered As ‘A Guy Who Knocks People Out’ | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz comments while appearing on Inside MMA.

Ortiz was discussing self promotion and building an image and also suggested that UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva should work harder to promote himself. Ortiz believes Silva has done little to make people remember him as anything other than. “a Brazilian guy, a guy who knocks people out.”

“I understand the business. I understand that I wasn’t gonna be able to fight for the rest of my life. I wish I could teach the fighters that same concept of thinking of something for after the life of fighting. There’s a lot of fighters who were world champions in the UFC, who, they won the title, and that’s all they did. You got guys like Georges St. Pierre, who people love. He’s awesome. He does all the P.R., he does everything — he fights great. But there’s a lot of guys who are great fighters who people don’t even remember, world champions. People remember a Brazilian guy, a guy who knocks people out. You’ve gotta make an image.”

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27 Responses to “Ortiz Thinks Anderson Should Create An Image For Himself So He Is Not Just Remembered As ‘A Guy Who Knocks People Out’ | UFC News”

  1. Semennnyurmoth says:

    Gotta get paid. It is true. They put their health on the line and cannot fight forever. They need to continue getting paid. BJ Penn will get paid for the rest of his life, Tito, Chuck. You gotta have staying power.

  2. Thom says:

    Pretty sure Anderson has 10x the image Tito has… Really Anderson is gonna be remembered as ”that brazilian”? Try GOAT.

    • Reality says:

      Tito has it wrong this time. First of all Anderson Silva is bigger in Brazil than Tito is in the USA. Not to mention that by the time he retires he’ll most likely be bigger than Tito here in America(if he isn’t already). The man has been on the front cover of reputable publications outside of MMA. He’s doing just fine.

  3. Josh says:

    I think the fact that he is considered the best mma fighter of all time will get him remembered. And he is gonna make bank in brazil way after he is done fighting.

    • mma12 says:

      he lives in beverly hills brazil isnt paying him shit

      • Thom says:

        Really? Then why is he sponsored by a Brazilian football club? And why is he on countless of Brazilian tv shows and covers of Brazilian magazines? And why is he training in Brazil? Fool.

        • danielrchargers says:

          im telling you all Chael is playing everyone of you. he is full of shit and is gonne get SMASHED.
          Thom just Thom’ed you.

        • lex walker says:

          Brazil does pay him but he still lives in the us and is a us citizen and also he trains at blackhouse which is located in the us not brazil

        • Freddie says:

          where do you get your information from ? 1: Black House is in Brazil but they do have two locations in the US that they built not to long ago. 2: Anderson still lives in Brazil and trained for this fight there; you would know that if you’ed watched the special for this fight.

        • mike says:

          I will remember SILVA as the guy that does the spanish voice overs for mickey mouse.

  4. Fuck dildo ortiz says:

    Anderson will be remembered as one of the greats!!! Not just for knocking the fuck out of everyone put submitting them in memorable fashion. Tito is a douche bag

  5. A.James says:

    He’s got a point. Who is Anderson Silva? Nobody really knows!

  6. Chris says:

    Maybe his focus is more on Brazil and thus has more of an image there. I have a feeling he won’t be hurting whenever he decides to retire (as long as he does so earlier rather than later).

  7. Bob says:

    I swear every time this clown tito opens his mouth I lose more and more respect for him. I think if your wife that you have kids with is a ex porn star you shouldnt have anything to say. No wonder the great chuck lidell hated titos fat headed ass.. Silva is the greatest MMA fighter of all times because hes never loss in the greatest fighting organization in 5 years. Nobodya should have a say on what silva should and shouldnt do unless they are praising him. I trained with him a few times and one of the nicest guys ever. Tito worry about your wife suckin dick then giving advice to the great!!

  8. Xaninho says:

    More people in Holland know Anderson Silva’s name than GSP or Ortiz.

  9. Wrestler66 says:

    Ortiz is right to a certain degree however I don’t think he’s right saying it about Anderson.

    Anderson is sponsored by Nike and Burger King and prob makes the most out of sponsors in the UFC also he made the move Like Water and appeared on TUF Brazil a shit load of times plus he is P4P greatest and an exiting fighter I think Andersons image is just fine.

    Also another factor to consider is does the guy want all the hype and celeb lifestyle and drama Ortiz clearly does and this does come with bonus bank and quite simply some guys like to fight and don’t want the BS that comes along with it now

  10. bahbahblacksheep says:

    Even if I couldnt remember his name in 50 years I would still be telling my kids he was a badass motherfucker.

  11. jones says:

    haha tito is remembred as a paper champ who ducked all the good guys…he refuesed to fight chuck after promising he would,,i believ they had to make or almost make a interm champ just cuz titto would not fight chuck the number 1 contender…he is remembr as a big mouth cry baby bitch…he just picked fights with old ass ken shamrock cuz he sucked…and he is trying tell anderson how to make a name,…anderson will be remembr as goat and long long known ..people will forget tito far befor they forget anderson..anderson will be in the h.o.f. and his records wont be beat maybe forever… tito is the biggest moron i dont even know how he thinking he can talk…not only that but after every fight and in almost every inerview he repeats exact same he gace 15 years of his life to ufc he is the only fighter to ever come back from all his bullshit surgery and bla bla bla..

    • Shameful says:

      MMA is such a young sport you can’t argue a convincing case for anyone being excluded from the HoF as long as they have the remotest bit of name recognition. It’s gonna be decades before the MMA HoF is a super exclusive club.

  12. chris says:

    He definitely has a good point to some extent. Anderson should get out there more I can go and ask people who don’t watch UFC who tito is and they know but if i ask then about Anderson they have no idea. Im sure on a financial end he will be fine, and I’m sure in Brazil everybody knows him

  13. Just Observing says:

    This is funny. What’s Silva supposed to do to better his image? He definitely isn’t gonna turn into a Tim Tebow if that’s what Ortiz is talking about.

  14. im batman says:

    It’s not about where he lives, it’s about who he is! The undisputed middleweight champion of the world and has smashed everyone who the UFC have put in front of him because he is that dam good!

  15. Bjj BB says:

    When u lose alot like tito its good to have an image so people only remember what u did other then what your doing. Now when you win and do it in the fashion like silva does then what image does he need to create other then him being the best if all time? Tito is fucking killing me!! It being his last fight and all u’d think he’d be alot more humble other then saying that about a guy who the fans picked to be #1 OF ALL TIME!!

  16. KIDD433 says:

    Just when i thought TITO couldn’t be any more fucken stupid

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