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Monday, 07/02/2012, 08:27 am

Dana White Fires Back At Frank Shamrock | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
While appearing on Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored Live Frank Shamrock shared his thoughts about Dana White saying “I think he’s a total douchebag and a bully. I just, I got no breath for him.”

Dana White comments to Fight Cove calling Shamrock “the most irrelevant dude on the planet.”

“Frank Shamrock’s always talking smack. I don’t know what’s worse, Frank Shamrock talking smack like he should be in the Hall of Fame or Spike TV having him on. We have the biggest fight of the year coming up and they have Frank Shamrock on there, the most irrelevant dude on the planet. Here’s the thing about the UFC Hall of Fame in all honesty, you know, the UFC Hall of Fame this is – these are guys that we have been inducting that have done a lot for the sport since we’ve (ZUFFA) have taken over, you know what I mean? Here’s a guy, you know, Frank Shamrock, Frank Shamrock hasn’t done anything for the new UFC. And when I say the new UFC I mean the regulated, since it’s been regulated, since it’s been back on pay-per-view, mainstream television, all the things that have been done over the last 12 years, the guys who have been inducted have helped us get to where we are. Frank Shamrock isn’t one of those guys.”



19 Responses to “Dana White Fires Back At Frank Shamrock | UFC News”

  1. Kirk says:

    I love when Dana goes off. The problem with this rant is he didn’t say the whole truth. The truth is that Frank is a bigger douche then Ken, but both morons never the less.

  2. Dana the Douche says:

    So Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Gracie made tremendous impact in the “new” UFC? Not particularly a huge fan of Frank Shamrock but Dana needs to stop talking that bullshit. Just because you say “in all honesty” doesn’t mean you’re being truthful lol. Dana is a douchebag

  3. BigPapi says:

    dana whites such a fuckin bloated piece of dog shit Frank Shamrock is a legend he was the best P4P when he was UFC champ how is this this asshole is gona sit here and say he didn’t do shit for the sport when he fought far after Royce Gracie and Dan Severn. Dana should go juice up some more he would get assraped like a cheap hooker in a confrontation with Shamrock

  4. CHARTMONSTER! says:

    Frank fkn Shamrock is a pioneer and def deserves a HOF induction. Frank v Dana five minute round in the cage and Saba will figure it out!

    • @Chartmonster all though it pains me to say this.But Chart i could not agree with you more.Frank Shamrock deserves to be in the hall of fame.He was the undefeated mw champ.I know he only thought 5 times for the ufc but still come the fuck on Dana.

  5. M says:

    I never knew how much frank shamrock had achieved in his mma career especially during his time in the UFC.

    Look at his Wikipedia. He was a four time champion. Pancrase, UFC, WEC, and Strikeforce.

    He defended his UFC Middleweight title 4 times and retired w the belt. My guess is Dana wasn’t happy about him leaving and has treated him like shit since.

  6. Chart your right(man it hurts saying that) Frank Shamrock is a pioneer and should be in the hall of fame.Undefeated mw champ and the fact he won those unregulated fights speaks volumns.He submitted Jeremy Horn for fuck sake.Horn is not an easy guy to submit.

  7. Dana is all about money and nothing else, If anyone is a douche bag it would be you Dana! I mean what fkin fight have you won? I personally don’t think you could fight your way out of a wet paper sack!

  8. Kyle says:

    As others have pointed out with inductees like Severn, Gracie, etc his “new ufc” point is not the brightest… BUT more importantly I think quotes like this show that we need an actual MMA hall of fame, not a UFC hall of fame. If Dana is only going to let “company” guys in, then it’s not a true hall of fame to begin with and will be largely irrelevant at some point. I also don’t want guys like Stephan Bonnar in over Frank Shamrock. (which he obviously will be by Dana’s “standards”)

  9. Alex says:

    But Dana is only looking at the small picture, probably as an excuse to not induct Frank Shamrock in the UFC Hall of Fame. Fighters like Frank Shamrock as well as many others paved the way before Zuffa got involved.

  10. Bob says:

    Dana never liked him. Lmao thats fucked up though. Put him in hof and carry on dana fag

  11. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Frank Shamrock > Ken Shamrock. Better Fighter, Better Record, Beat Tito, Doesn’t owe the UFC money, and could beat his adopted brother.

  12. drew says:

    we do need a hall of fame for just MMA…because other then that dana has credibility in his statement…the only arguement that can stem from dana’s standpoint is that its pretty clear as day that he cares about his product, his baby, the ufc over the real history of MMA just not the UFC history

  13. NiggerDick says:

    Dana is a dumb cracka

  14. Monkey Juice (flexing) says:

    Frank is a hall of famer. Dana knows this, but he’s a trailer park pos. why does a baller like Dana even care what a washed up fighter even says about him? Fuck! Dana! You’re over and above this bs! Frank is a HOF’er. Who cares if he smack talks you! Can you even hear it up there!!!? Dana is White trash at its finest…

  15. Yeah right man says:

    Dana’s ego is so big it cloggs his decision making sometimes. Example one, He thought Brock would beat overeem. Example 2, back when he tried to win the pride belt with Chuck. It was so clear that both rampage and silva were tougher than chuck at the time, but he stubbornly invested everything into his UFC guy just by passion alone, anyone with half a brain knew it was going to be a rampage silva final.

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