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Monday, 07/09/2012, 11:12 pm

NSAC Executive Director Kizer Warns Silva He Will Not Be Welcome In Vegas With A Repeat Of UFC 148 Antics | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Following Anderson Silva’s second round stoppage of Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 the Middleweight Champion has been receiving a lot of criticism.

At the start of the bout Silva was caught taking the Vaseline from his face and rubbing it on his chest and arms as well as being warned twice for grabbing Sonnen’s shorts. Also prior to the bout at the weigh-ins Silva struck Chael Sonnen with a shoulder strike.

It was a first for the UFC Middleweight Champion to act out this way and Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Keith Kizer wants to ensure its the last. Kizer commented to MMA Fighting on the situation.

“I told him if you ever do anything like that again you will not be invited to fight in Nevada again…. if the next few Anderson Silva fights don’t happen in Nevada, it won’t bother me in the least.”

“Chael willing to forgive Anderson went a long way with me and the chairman,” he said. “He was very honorable, perhaps more than he needed to be, towards Anderson.”

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134 Responses to “NSAC Executive Director Kizer Warns Silva He Will Not Be Welcome In Vegas With A Repeat Of UFC 148 Antics | UFC News”

  1. Jeff says:

    What the F@$$k!? It’s like kizer and chael are republican buddies, patting each others backs. Yeah, don’t go to Nevada to ktfo your competition, come to Cali instead.

    • Sean McCorkle says:

      Yea, the very same guy that suspended him for a year…. great logic bro.

      On a side note, I like both fighters, and Anderson very much deserves this.

      • Xaninho says:

        Kizer didn’t suspend him for a year, That was George Dodds from the CSAC. Kizer granted him an exemption to use TRT for this fight.

      • bxer says:

        The most corrupted athletic commission in the world,after years of insults and disrespect,steroids use,fraud,political corruption,just a free things compared to what Anderson Silva did to chael sonnen is nothing we have seen that for years,if the commission can explain what happen to pacman vs Bradley I be happy otherwise GO FUCK YOURSELVES,this stupid shit is nothing more than people showing their true colors,the Americans wan a American champion and that is it,if you call yourselves a MMA fan just watch any fight and you can.find worse shit,the rest of the world be happy to have Anderson Silva in a soccer stadium fuck Las Vegas fuck the comissio

        • Mike cannon jr. says:

          Exactly!!!!!….years…of corruption……stacked on top..years…and years…the most corrupt…just ahead of anywhere…lol

        • David says:

          Talking shit, disrespecting someone and sonnens fraud scandal have nothing to do with cheating in the fight as Anderson did. I’m a huge Silva fan but we can’t start a precedent of OK you’re allowed to break the rules in the actual fight because you felt disespected. That being said there are lots of calls not made on short or fence grabbing its a tight things hasppen it dissent really take away from Silva’s win the greasing did look kind of deliberate hut he was made to wipe it off before the fight so also really a non factor in the win

        • allmightysandman says:

          IMHO his greasing was obviously intentional and not the first time he’s done it. The grabbing of the shorts is no big deal, but I”m surprised the greasing isn’t getting more publicity.

          he cheated and got caught…again…nice move champ.

        • AJ says:

          The board is clearly behind Chael as a supporter here. These people are paid to use logic in these situations while applying the rules. Anyone who has ever grappled inan MMA match can tell you that you get more vaseline on your chest and arms from hitting the mat once than Silva did pre fight wiping himself with that tiny amount of vaseline. The shorts grabbing happens in most every fight, usually in greater amounts than it did in that one. Kizer is a Sonnen fanboy upset over the loss, plain and simple. Note that these situations and far waorse happen regularly in MMA, with no warning whatsoever. Yet Sonen loses and a warning is given out by the guy who allowed an exemption for Sonnen to abuse TRT once again?!?! Sounds a little off to me.

        • DabbyMcDabberson says:

          Vegas was built by the Mafia of course it’s corrupt lmfao.

      • James says:

        Why does he deserve to NOT fight in Vegas? For grabbing shorts? What’s the ref in there for? If you can’t be ’em you might as well bad mouth him right? If he were “caught” rubbing vasoline on himself, warn him then…or make them clean it up! This is bullshit. Fighters do what fighters do!!! He’s the ONLY man to grab shorts? Do they threaten to ban fighters who stick their gloves in the eyes of an opponant like Chael does? Glad he kicked Sonnens ass. He’s trying to turn the UFC into the WWF!

    • War says:

      wtf is this shit. i watched the fight. they rub that shit in good on him so it wouldnt have matter. eat a dick Kizer.

      • Quitcrying says:

        Haha your retarded. The take down Anderson stuffed by grabbing chaels shorts was the turning point in the fight. If silva didn’t cheat he would have been taken down and dominated. I’m not saying the outcome would have been different but silva was knowingly breaking the rules that he is very aware of. Nevada shouldn’t have to house a fighter who is going to break the rules and piss off alot of people who paid for a legit fight.

        • Roscoe10 says:

          if if was a fifth we’d both be drunk. He won get over it.

        • dogfart says:

          wtf did we watch the same fight?

          he didnt stuff a take down by grabbing his shorts
          he was trying to stop chael from running away while he attempted to punch him in the face.

          as for the antics. the shoulder check was bad
          as for what he did in the cage then they gonna ban every fighter for bad behaviour in nevada????

          stupidness en’mass

          never mind the racial touts and derogatory insults thrown by chael. never mind the steroid abusing done by chael. never mind the short grabbing done by chael. never mind the punches to the back of the head done by chael

          Dana and the fertitas didnt have a problem with it so they should stfu

        • Quitcrying says:

          Watch before chael tries to move away while Anderson held his shorts and threw 2 punches, it’s why the ref warned him. You can’t blame silva for grabbing his shorts though, when you wipe the vasoline from your head all over your body things get slippery! Oh and that knee apparently did land on chaels face. He had to get eight stitches in his tounge from the shot. I found it strange that when someone gets hit in the nuts they show the replay over and over again with all kinds of angles. They showed the replay of the knee only a couple of times and from a crap angle. It sounds like a conspiracy theory but when the ufc is having it’s largest event ever, how bad and unprofessional would it have looked for them if the main event had to be called because of silvas cheating. That’s why Dana didn’t question anything later. The public perception of the sport can’t be the champion is a cheater on the biggest night of the year. Especially during their first year with fox. I think Dana did what was best for the ufc. Just a theory

        • jrog26 says:

          Dana and the Fertitas are only interested in selling fights. Your comment is like”Vince McMahn said so so WWE must be real” you get a big “come on man” from me

        • Xaninho says:

          So why was Sonnen fighting there then?

        • z-man says:

          Get off the crack pipe, Chael even said Anderson is a great champion, and if was such a big deal why didn’t points get taken off, stop hating anderson and get off his dick!

        • D.O. says:

          Big deal. Chael knowingly cheated in their first fight by juicing himself up (and he still lost). But, you’re worried about Silva grabbing shorts? Really? LOL.

        • Nathan Gow says:

          omg, IT WASNT JUICING!! look up your shit dude. chael had a testosterone imbalance that was being TREATED, learn the facts before you go and made yourself look dumb

        • Xaninho says:

          Just because he said he was being treated doesn’t mean he was. He never could prove he had an exemption. Even lied that he had a talk with keith Kizer from the NSAC about it. Which was a blatant lie.

          And in the end he was suspended for it.

        • Mark says:

          I fully agree, that Anderson Silva cheated his way to a victory. He was angry because of the insults by Chael, and he knew he could not beat Chael without cheating, so he cheated, and he got away with it. We all know who got their tails beat in the first fight, and who got owned in the first round of this fight. Then Silva greases himself down with vasoline, grabs sonnens shorts to the extent that he almost pulls them down, and then the knee to the chest/chin was questionable, but most likely not a foul imo. But the short grabbing should have been a disqualification alone.. What a joke.

        • Xaninho says:

          Learn the rules..The short grabbing could have been a point deduction after a second warning.

        • wtf? says:

          You do realise they wiped the Vaseline from Silva before the fight…

        • AJ says:

          Please show where in the fight any of these acts of “cheating” actually led to a victory for Silva. The knee was legal, the strikes that left him stumbling and eventually ended the fight were all LEGAL. You get more vaseline on your chest and arms from grappling than he wiped on himself. Step in the cage once and you would know that. The grabbing of shorts at the time he was warned offered absolutely advantage for him if you watch the tape agai. Sonnen clearly didn’t believe it offered an advantage at that point, and even said that no only does it happen in fights but that he was doing it as well and will again down the road in other fights. no warning for Sonnen though for admittedly breaking the rules repeatedly or for his recorded intent to break them in the future. Strange huh?

        • PopusiGa says:

          Mark….dear Mark,

          You know how much we care about your crazy ass opinion??
          Don’t think you watched the fight, someone told your friend and that friend told his friend and in the end it will be Anderson took out a knife and stabbed Chael multiple times and then took a gun and shot him down and after that he greased himself up with vaseline…..and then he GnP Chael his ass!! Marky Mark hahahha

        • Whatever says:

          This is what the ref is for not the commission. You act like he is the first fighter to ever grab shorts. It happens in just about every fight in one way or another. This is a bullshit reaction from a corrupt entity. If they did this to ever other fighter who grabbed shorts maybe we could chalk it up to policing and enforcing rules, but it doesn’t.

        • retard says:

          turning point?
          you watched the fight?
          then you saw chael grabbing silva’s shorts too, right?
          chael got the takedown because he grabbed anderson’s shorts and andy stuffed the takedown because he grabbed chael’s. worked out pretty evenly.

        • Tyler says:

          Watch out guys we got a sonnen nut hugger! You mad bro???? Dont say grabbing the shorts was the turning point, the turning point was chael lying helpless on the ground waiting for the ref to step in and stop the fight after anderson stood over him!!!! Chael is a contender and always will be, not champion material…..Give Hector Lombard the next title shot, someone who has a chance of beating anderson!

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      I agree silva fucking cheated. Rubbed vaseline on himself, grabbed the shorts, and that illegal knee. He cheated on 3 different occassions.

      • Xaninho says:

        Wipe sonnens cum out your eyes.

        That knee was not illegal. The shortgrabbing was from both sides. The vaseline i agree, but that wasn’t a factor in the fight since it was wiped off.

        • Quitcrying says:

          Not disputing the win but chael has eight stitches in his tounge that say the knee landed

        • Jamie Rowe says:

          if chael had stitches in in tongue why was there no blood from his mouth…at any time? and his speech was perfect with joe and the presser so ima have to say ne 1 who believes that dumb shit is a fool

        • AJ says:

          Quitcrying, He didn’t have any stitches in his tongue. He spoke perfectly in the post fight interview, and the press conference without any evidence of blood in his mouth. He had a mouth guard in, so it would be pretty difficult (unless he was literally sticking his tongue out at Silva) for him to need any stitches in his tongue, even from a knee…though the knee clearly hit the chest as you can see in the countless replays available online now.

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          Hey Xaninho you piece of monkey shit. Wipe off Anderson shit from your mouth. That knee was illegal you illiterate dumb fuck. Chael has 8 stitches on his tongue because of the knee. Anderson cheated on 3 different occasions in the fight, he is a cheater get over it you Anderson Silva cock sucking homo fag.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha! you mad bro? LMAO!

          The hammerfists caused him to bite his tongue, don’t let his coach fool you batty bwoy.

        • primalmasher says:

          stop being buttmad and letting out your repressed homosexuality over the internet, it just makes you look like an ass.

        • Tyler says:

          Get off chaels nuts dude, he only got the rematch because he talked soo much shit….this fight showed he is only contender material and will never be champion….Have chael fight hector lombard next, want to see chael get tko again and retire!!! Also, calling someone an illiterate dumb fuck and calling them a monkey pretty much makes your said retarded..Anderson Silva is the best middleweight right now, till Hector Lombard gets a piece…Now calm down dude, this is a discussion no need to be an internet badass!! Also dont reply saying your some crazy MMA fighter or that you will beat my ass because it will just make you look even more retarted!

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          You can pretend to know better then his coach but you dont. Now get lost and go hide in your cave.

        • mmahawk says:

          I’m just curious, what makes you thinkYOU know better than any of us? We all saw the same fight, and we’re all seeing the same replay.

          Just because Sonnen’s coach says this and that doesn’t make it any more or less true.

          I just want to know what makes you so certain, aside from you not liking Silva?

      • Mach00man says:

        oh and Sonnen didn’t cheat when he had amped up testosterone levels in the first fight?? How come none of you idiots were crying foul then?

        • Quitcrying says:

          He served a year suspension idiot

        • Mach00man says:

          I know he did jackass! What kid of idiot cheats and still loses? Oh yeah..your dad Chael! Don’t be mad because your father got his ass kicked twice!

        • blahblahblah says:

          No, he didn’t. It was reduced 6 months. How does everyone forget that?

      • Cj says:

        Man chael bit his tongue thats why he was bleeding he said himself in the press conference. Accept it like a man chael said it himself he was beat by the better man no excuses. I can respect chael for that he took his loss like a man its everybody else that has a problem with it

      • Zyrhc says:

        What illegal knee? There was only 1 knee strike while Sonnen was down. And that one landed on his chest, what hit him in the face was Silva’s thigh. As for the Vaseline, GSP poured a s*it load of the suff when he fought BJ Penn and admitted to doing it, but the NSAC did nothing so why should they b*tch about it now? And yes he did grab the shorts…

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          You know, I wondered after seeing that. It does look like his thigh hit him in the head… should that not be considered a kick simply because it wasn’t his foot or shin? It seems like an odd loophole.

      • AJ says:

        The knee was LEGAL! Watch the tape, learn the rules. Go roll for a round with vaseline on your face and see how much you get on you and tell me if what he wiped on himself was an advantage.Not to mention that it was wiped off before the start of the figh anyway. Any excuse you can make for Phael will suffice in the eyes of a fanboy I suppose.

    • ffs says:

      What does anybody being a Republican have to do with anything? Dumbass.

    • BigPapi says:

      This piece of dogshit rat Kizer obviously put down mad cash on Sonnen to win granting sonnen trt and now this shit talking. who the fuck is this motherfucker to Anderson Silva.. NOBODY. Silvas probably thinking “ok ill just fight in Cali, Brazil, China, Sweden, or just about anywhere else on earth with an athletic commision”

      Fuck those shiestyass commisioners in NSAC especially scum Kizer that fool is a criminal. he must not understand Vegas isn’t the last place on Earth to fight in jewboy. Anyone who watches this sport or boxing knows just how crooked and sheisty the NSAC is get these motherfuckers greedy hands out of fighters livelihoods and paychecks already

    • the original steve says:

      they are taking this too far. they wiped the extremely small amount of vaseline(which ive been saying for years he did but this is the first time they did anything) off and the knee was legal. yeah he grabbed his shorts boohoo it happens a lot.

    • well it’s the states loss they don’t deserve the money at all! they want to bitch about silva which he wasn’t greased at all if cheal was able to hold him down in the first fight! and who is the actual cheater cheal sonnen using TRT even dana white believe it should be illegal but the NSAC doesn’t believe so! kizer wants to bitch about the shoulder hit at the weigh in’s but he is ok with a fighter being racist and disrespect to a whole country that they had to move the fight to vegas just to protect cheals life. and then cheal threating to break in to silva’s house and beat him up and then smack his wife on the ass and tell her to make him a stake their is something wrong with kizer. he allows GSP corner to wipe him down with that grease and doesn’t throw a fit about it! and kizer is trying to say that knee was illegal after the fight but know he doesn’t believe it was illegal. they should that knee so many times on the screen in the arena and seen it was legal. i think this guy needs to step down form his seat in the NSAC!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      WHAT are you a liberal socialist marxist democrat BITCH!!! GTFOH….

      • Tyler says:

        Dude you just sound retarted! Also Brazilian jiu-jitsu>Wrestling

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I MAY sound retarted (what exactly is this wird??..jk) but I am actually a special needs individual…..But I see you are in complete mental dementia thinking jui-jitsu is greater than wrestling….

        • AJ says:

          It’s Jiu-Jitsu, and the vast majority of champions (current and in recent years) are practitioners of Jiu-Jitsu over wrestling. The sport has evolved, and unfortunately for you, it has evolved past many of the tenants of wrestling.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Wrong AJ, wrestling is just getting started in mma. jiu-jitsu is fading. EVERY person trains wrestling now. What do you think Silva did most of thus camp?…That;s right wrestling takedown defense!!! Jui-jitsu has little use now. It is important on the ground, but most good wrestlers know how to defend. Wrestling will Rule in the next decade….It is the base of all fighting NOW….

        • Xaninho says:

          I disagree.

          Wrestling is done in MMA. You keep saying wrestling is the shit, but where are all the wrestlingbased champs?

          There are two things useful, takedowns and takedown defense.

          Wrestling is also not new to mma. It is not a coincidence that the rules are so wrestling orientated since Jeff Blatnick had such a big role in drafting up the unified rules.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Wrong Again Xaninho. EVERY fighter uses wrestling all the time. It’s either boxing or wrestling that is going on in a fight. Tiny bits of these other silly so called martial arts BS. Next in line is jui-jitsu on the ground. But most fighters are training wrestling like mad men. They know top control and elbows to the face will negate any juijitsu. I love dumping jui-jitsu players on their head all the time and these are the ones paying me to do it!! If you belong to a gym that doesn;t recognize the power and dominance wrestling plays in the mma game, THEN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN from that gym. They are doing you a disservice….Wrestling is the BASE of ALL fighting..

  2. Sean McCorkle says:

    Are you talking about the same guy that suspended Chael for a year…great logic bro.

    On a side note, Anderson had this coming to him.

  3. e says:

    nsac and queef kizer are mad bitches.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Andy should’ve told him to stfu & then bitch slapped him.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Or just throw those wild girly air punches like he did at the start of round 1. Known as the Brazilain Bitch Slaps..LMOA…. Silva is such a shitty boxer when he isn’t counter-striking….Wrestling and making that bitch create the engagement will beat him. Have you ever see him be a pursuer in his boxing????

  5. punchkick says:

    take your talents to dallas bro.

  6. Stevo says:

    That is some BS about the backs turned to Silva. If it was Sonnen they would have praised that prick for it… He gave Sonnen a piece of his own medicine, he’s lucky that nothing more happened to him for talking about his family and country like that. What about all the shit Sonnen said about silvas family and country, y’all didnt tell Sonnen to shut his mouth or he would be banned! That kind of shit really kills the whole “Sports” like aspect of UFC. Big changes in leadership needs to be made, or it just seems like a street brawl every time.

  7. 808 says:

    I don’t understand why they’re bringing up the whole vaseline shit now. Anderson’s been self lubing himself with his face grease for quite some time now. Are you telling me that the athletic commission just noticed it during that fight? What a bunch of tool bags.

  8. Oh i bet the best fighter in the world is absolutely devastated about possibly not fighting in vegas again.Its not like vegas is the only city in America worthy of holding a championship fight.Kizer is a tool.He wants to call Anderson for greasing(which he should) but then looked the other way and covered both his eyes when golden boy Gsp did it and escaped without so much as a warning.Kizer is crooked and bad for the sport imo.

  9. warrior808 says:

    Is this the same commission that were in charge of pacquiao-bradley fight? If so theyre a bunch of hypocrites.

  10. Kong says:

    Sounds like somebody lost some money on this fight haha. Nobody wants to fight in Vegas anyway. Another nobody trying to get their five minutes off the silva sonnen fight.

  11. Chael Sonnen says:

    He’s just bitter because i lost. And that means America lost too.. Anyways, i forgave Silva and sucked Kizer’s dick so that Brazillians would still be able to fight in vegas.

    Can’t wait for the bbq party at silva’s. Hmm what should i wear? :)

  12. Wrestler66 says:

    Diaz smokes a little weed and gets banned for a year and now Anderson takes some liberties and is not allowed back to Vegas haha the commission are far too extreme and need to lighten up a bit

  13. Sully says:

    This is mental – the shoulder barge was nothing compared to what Chael said, the vaseline was wiped off by Lavigne, the short grabs were done by both parties (watch the post-fight presser) and the knee, which was shown in slow motion and zoomed in on, hit the chest of Sonnen. If you’re sitting against the cage and someone throws their knee into your chest, your face is bound to come forward with the impact and hit the opponents thigh. I like them both but this guy seems to be biased.

  14. Tapitout21 says:

    Kizer is as crooked as they come anyway. That whole commission needs an overhaul, besides it’s all smoke for him to get some attention. There’s no way they would ever deny Silva a license and drive a wedge between them and the company that makes them millions if not a billion per year.

  15. kizer's boyfriend says:

    that kizer sure can suck a mean dick

  16. Kyle Smith says:

    If I was a fighter, I wouldn’t WANT to fight for Kizer. Guy is the most corrupt scumbag in sports.

  17. Zack says:

    Bet kizer didn’t say that to Anderson’s face. Fucking little pussy ass rat.

  18. knee was legal says:

    If that knee was to.the face.. Sonnen wouldnt have got up

  19. Xaninho says:

    Seeing all the comments made by Sonnen’s fanboys, Sonnen’s face must be between his titties.

  20. Omar says:

    STFU Kizer!! The way Chael Conducted himself through-out the last 2 years has been rediculous and you have something to say about a Shoulder check at Weigh-ins.. Silva held back and was way too Diplomatic If u ask me.. To those of you crying Foul, STFU aswell!!! Silva should’ve Kneed Chael in the Face, Fish hooked him, and Finished with some Headbutts to the Nose… Then Maybe Chael would learn a lesson?

  21. Xaninho says:

    I have to say that Chael Sonnen is carrying his loss with more dignity than his camp and his fans. He gained my respect by the way he carried himself after the fight.

    At the postfight pressconference he was very honest and clear about the knee and the shortgrabbing. The complaining about the knee or the shorts comes from his camp not from him.

  22. wtf? says:

    really bad intencion? of course or do you wanna to pet your opponent?
    they are just racist ’cause he is black and brazilian

  23. sasquatch says:

    knee did land on sonnen’s chest. for all we know, chael could have bitten his tongue upon impact of the knee. vaseline was wiped off, so tht dsnt mattter. short grabbing played no part in fight outcome. these are things tht happen in just about every mma fight. get over it ppl…

  24. spidermonkey420 says:

    its funny that after the fight chael finally had some class about him… saying the better fighter won both fights, and that the knee was legal, and that they both grabbed shorts.. but all you chael fluffers just cant accept the defeat. he went on to say the way brazil fans do it the right way and back their fighter and boo the contender, only in the usa are their dick riders who will root for whoever is on top

  25. Sonnen will RETIRE says:

    I agree Silva cheated. He wiped vaseline on the mat, and then pulled Sonnen’s shorts that caused Sonnen to miss the spinning backfist of death and slipped to the ground, and scooted to his butt to the cage in fear.

  26. Seiichi79 says:

    vasoline doesn’t wipe off lol. unless he scrubbed silva down with soapy water?!?!?

  27. Sonnen will RETIRE says:

    Kizer lost money betting on Sonnen, and wants to get back at Silva. However, since it didn’t go to the judges like Pacquiao’s fight, all he can do is shake his finger and say, “don’t do that again, champ.”

  28. Chael wasn’t honorable to Silva until after the fight.

  29. jroch says:

    Are you F@$#&* kidding me????? After all the bullshit talk and slandering of Anderson, Brazil, his wife etc….. turning the UFC into a travelling road show(blame Dana White BTW)and turning this sport into a WWE spectacle, this idiot is warning Anderson!!!!!! Let’s fight somewhere else, i’m sure other cities or countries would love to have an Anderson Silva fight, or any other fight for that matter.

  30. Noel says:

    Surely it’s up to the UFC as Silva’s ’employers’ to warn him about any future conduct!? The ref saw him with the Vaseline and rubbed it off, warned him about the short pulling n judged the knee to be (correctly) legal, so if the NSAC should be telling anyone about conduct its the ref for being to lenient in their eyes!
    However i do think anyone other than Silva or GSP n Dana would’ve had another ‘I’m in charge ego moment’ at the weigh in with that shoulder ‘strike’

  31. monks says:

    well if gsp can grease and get fuck all for cheating why shouldn’t any other fighter but kk is a nob jockey its ok to use trt like chael did ? and moan about pulling shorts? i say anderson evened up the odd,s …..IF i was BJ i would juice and put the shiters up all the other fighters lol……..would love to see gsp v chael if it could happen

  32. African-Brasilian says:

    THe knee was legal! To those who THINK it wasn’t. YOU OBVIOUSLY ONLY WATCH UFC AND DON”T TRAIN OR FIGHT MMA! And in my eyes if you back someone who slanders a man culture,background, family,and art. You’re the fools. So called Americans whose moral compases are so f’d up sleeping with their sister is ok. And Kizer, don’t have the best fighter in UFC fight in your state and see won’t YOu lose buissness and he just make that same money somewhere else idiot! I think Silva brought out the fans not the fact that the fight was in Vegas.

    • Tyler says:

      Ok dude, dont put all Americans in the same group saying we sleep with our sisters. Thats as bad as the stuff Chael said, im actually in Brazil right now for 6 months training jiu-jitsu in Indaiatuba. I love Brazil and wanted Chael to lose, just dont fall in the same hole as Sonnen and talk shit on someones country!!!!

  33. J says:

    Someone tell this racist f*ck to go blow himself. There was nothing Anderson did that has not been seen before. Wow he was grabbing Sonnen’s shorts in the match, when has that never happened? Petty shit from a corrupt and racist piece of sh!t commissioner. Real talk he was just going for Sonnen and his butt buddy got his ass beat. GTFO of here with this BS, wasn’t even worth an article.

  34. social says:

    stfu nevada,you’ve already ruined boxing, dont ruin MMA. shoulder struck, shoving, trash talking, cursing, its all a part of face-to-face stare down

  35. Pijan says:

    Some of ya’ll are idiots. So when Chael gets caught cheating, he gets an exemption for it the next time around. Allister Overeem gets caught cheating. Gets a lesser sentence, and we’re told he won’t be sitting his whole suspension. GSP gets caught greasing and he serves no suspension, nothing is even really said to him. But Anderson Silva, who leads the UFC in title defenses and wins, defends his title again in an awesome fashion (in my opinion, not cause it’s Silva but that knee was sick), and everyone criticizes him saying he cheated, and they won’t reinstate him? Bullshit. If he greased, he did a shitty job. At least when GSP did it he wasn’t on his back the entire first. The knee was illegal? I haven’t even seen the fight and I’ve seen the knee in videos from multiple angles and pictures, it didn’t hit Chael in the face. And the people saying ‘he had to get stitches’, you’ve obviously never trained or thrown a knee. When you throw it at a downward angle, your thigh will graze the chin 9 out of 10 times. Thigh to chin contact isn’t a knee, nor is it illegal. Plus Chael coulda bitten his tongue at any point in that altercation. Both parties shorts grabbed, and a shoulder check is nothing compared to what Sonnen did out of the ring. Hell, look at how Rob Emmerson spends his free time. Only one of three reasons Silva is facing this backlash, either A, because it’s out of character for him to do this (I recall when Anderson refused to talk shit back to Sonnen people were talking about how ‘Sonnen broke Silva’ and ‘Silva is scared to fight’). Either B, people are just tired of seeing Silva win, but hey, as long as he’s finishing fights in an entertaining fashion, I’m happy. And C, as someone said before Sonnen is the American who people though could beat Silva, Silva is..well, not American, you know the rest. Look at the Diaz situation, NSAC is clearly selective of who they punish and criticize.

  36. kizer is a joke allowing fighters to use TRT and stuff allows fighters like GSP to grease up. and bitch about silva i wonder if he is a racist because he is ok with cheal being rude and racist to a whole country and that they had to move the fight form brazil to vegas just to protect the dudes life. that funny he is ok with cheal threatens someone’s family and life and country is ok i didn’t here silva disrespect cheals wife or family or country. kizer needs to step down.! i seen him over in the corner cheering on cheal he’s probably not happy that his fighter lost he must of had a beat in vegas with someone that cheal would win. and the grease is a joke i believe i seen cheal take him down and hold him down in the first round so it really didn’t make a difference in the fight. like i have said if you want to see a greased up fighter and how it works to your advantage go back and watch the last fight between GSP and BJ Penn BJ penn couldn’t keep his hands on GSP and couldn’t get out of the grip of GSP once GSP got on top!
    and truthfully its a loss for their state and stuff all that money silva would bring in.!!!!

  37. oh but dude was also ok with overeem using steriods prior to the fight against brock lenser. they had the test weeks before the fight and know he was using but didn’t stop him form fighting. and the fight between manny and bradly what a joke! manny dominated that fight. i just think the dude doesn’t like it when a fighter is dominate and wins every fight! he must not like that most of the champions in the UFC aren’t form this COUNTRY! the only one we have is Jon Jones!

    • Tyler says:

      Actually we have one of 2 fighters fighting for Flyweight title, Dominick Cruz, Ben Henderson, Jon Fitch(till GSP comes back) and Jon Jones…Brazil only has Jose Aldo, Anderson Silva, and Cigano

  38. CharlieChocoholic says:

    keith kaiser’s a fucking idiot. this is the same guy that watched GSP’s corner cover him with vaseline on national television, yet ruled it was no big deal. now suddenly it is?

    when georges did it, it was because he knew the majority of bj’s camp for that fight was to employ the high guard. bj knew he’d be taken down at some point and was drilling that high guard all camp long. by putting copious amounts of vaseline on his shoulders and back, georges was able to slip out and nullify bj’s game plan. that’s cheating.

    anderson, on the other hand, hates having the vaseline applied to his face. he’s said that on many occasions. but the commission requires all fighters to get the same amount applied before they enter the octagon. silva always tries to remove as much as he can, so it doesn’t drip into his eyes during the fight. he then rubs it into his skin on his arms and chest to get it off his fingers. he’s always done that. it has no bearing on takedown defense. nobody is grabbing his arms to take him down. if he wanted to cheat, he would rub it on his legs. he’s not taking it from the jar and coating himself with it. so stupid.

    funny thing is, the first grabbing the shorts warning went against chael. that’s how he got the takedown in the first and he tried it again in the 2nd round. anderson did the same thing and got warned. no problem there.

    so let me get this straight, chael….a liar, criminal, and known cheater is now honorable and kaiser is applauding him, while he’s telling silva, one of the most well-respected fighters of all time, that he’s not welcome to fight there again? good luck with that one.

    kaiser’s blatant favoritism shows you just how corrupt the NSAC really is.

  39. Justin Bieber says:

    The NSAC Executive Director Mr. Kizer stole the belt from Manny Pacquiao too so who cares about what he says. This guy is corrupted. Everyone should take the fights elsewhere rather than Las Vegas its the GREAT fighters that make the fights and if the fights are taken else where Las Vegas will have its loss in revenue. NSAC is a joke they are corrupted shame on them.

  40. Zackary says:

    if anderson really thought he was going to win he wouldn’t have cheated. greatest fighter in the world……my ass. The UFC needs to give dan henderson another chance.

  41. Jeff says:

    So do you really think that a fight with this much emotion and hype that there wasn’t going to be a few fouls or illegal moments. They came to FIGHT. Not play patty cake and roll around each other. Anderson came out swinging as soon as the bell rung. And that’s not the typical Anderson. He normally likes to circle his opponent for a minute, then attack. He came to fight. And so did Chael. It was a fist fight and Anderson was the better man. He did it was a LEGAL knee. His thigh is what hit Chael. The thigh is not illegal. The knee is. You can’t knock someone out with a thigh. The vaseline thing is what majority of the fighters do. They all understand that you can’t grease yourself up. But they take that risk by rubbing a little Vaseline on their upper body. It also helps with sweat. Doesn’t stop anyone from completing a double leg takedown. Which so happens to be Chael’s best move. So what’s left? Oh yeah the short grabbing. COME ON GUYS! This is a FIGHT! Game plan out the window! If there wasn’t a little short grabbing and a little eye poking then this isn’t a real fight. There was so much tension and emotion is this fight that it was bound to happen. Each guy wanted to hurt the other guy. Anderson didn’t grab his shorts on purpose. He wasn’t thinking. All he was thinking was punching Chael in the face. So happen his hand was already placed near Chael’s shorts, so when he pulled away, it was only natural for Anderson to grab them. I see everyone saying that the knee is what stopped Chael. Maybe it was what hurt him, but Anderson actually dropped him twice! After the knee, Anderson was punching Chael on the ground. Chael then got up for an attempt to take Anderson down, he then stopped the take down, pinned Chael against the fence and dropped him with his “hands” and then finished the fight with ground and pound. So everyone needs to quit crying. Anderson beat him fair and square. Chael Sonnen had both fights in his control and he obviously wasn’t good enough to close the deal. And you can’t do that against arguably the greatest fighter ever to step foot in the UFC. Almost like Tony Romo in the playoffs. Always finds a way to lose the game. Y’all should be questioning Chael why in the hell did he throw a spinning back fist that caused this whole downfall. He had no business attempting that move. He had zero technique. Y’all guys need to rewatch the fight and stop listening to these crooks from Las Vegas. They are nothing but cheaters and liars themselves. And apparently hipocrites!

  42. Spectator1 says:

    As usual fuck Keith Keizer, and fuck fighting under the NSAC and making those ass clowns money

  43. Jeremy says:

    All you Silva bashers are fucking pathetic. Crying about short grabbing, that happens every fucking fight since the beginning of the UFC. And as for ”greasing”, thats complete bullshit. Silva does that most of his fights, look it up, you all are fucking stupid. Just becuz your ”golden boy” Chael lost you gotta make up shit and find excuses on why he lost. Give it up already. Silva has 2 wins against Chael, Chael cant beat him, enough sad. It makes all of you pissing and moaning about stupid shit look like a bunch of cry babies about a loss….grow the fuck up!

  44. Xaninho says:

    Silva should refuse to fight in Las Vegas from now on. Kizer is looking to fuck him over with corrupt judges and referee now.

    I’m sure the state of Nevada would appreciate the loss of income caused by a biased, corrupt executive director of the NSAC.

    Fuck Keith Kizer and the NSAC.

  45. Macc says:

    Yah….. Y’all should really stfu about the knee, seriously not a big deal rashad Evans did the samething to tito and no one said shit about it!

  46. Rico says:

    Pretty sure Kizer said he didn’t care about the infight stuff. He was talking about the shoulder at the weigh ins.

  47. Dee says:

    I hate to pull this card, but this is looking way to bias. I’m sorry. I am the last person to pull the card because it sickens me, but this is ridiculous. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about what Anderson did. Bisping pulled Chael’s shorts in his fight and no one has mentioned that. This is starting to make me sick. Chael Sonnen was allowed to boost his testosterone for this fight as well as be glorified as he spat out the most ridiculous comments over and over again. I’m sorry this is bias, I use that word because I don’t like to use the ‘R’ word, but what else is there for me to think.

    • M says:

      You can say it: RACIST. Sonnen was the great white hope, but he couldn’t bring the belt home. Silva is not only foreign, but dark-skinned. Double-whammy. This country has not progressed as much as we think it has.

  48. Justroll BJJ says:

    Isn’t in baseball they say if your not cheating your not trying. Thats all i got say.

  49. utut says:

    Genius. Simply genius.

  50. GreatestOfAllTime says:

    WrestlingRules and Keep Fitch (Forever) are the biggest haters in the whole world. Now that their “hero” got the beating of his life they will remain butt-hurt for months.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      WRONG…I;m all good, It was nice to see Silva doing the Brazilian Bitch Slap and getting taken down easily. and eating a few elbows. Besides we get see someone else beat his ass…but it won’t be Jones cuz all he has to say is…..Nope…Doesn’t that bother all you Silva zombies that in your mind the best p4p is afraid to fight Jones for a chance to be champion in 2 divisions??? Don’t you think the real GOAT would JUMP at a chance to take down 2 divisions??? Isn’t that the mind of a GOAT or is it something else???

  51. Ben says:

    At the end of the day he’s being a complete wanker. Anderson Silva is one of the UFC’s Biggest money makers. If i was Dana white i would tell Keizer to get fucked and make all Anderson’s fights in Brazil where they would make a lot more money and have a lot more hype and meaning. Keizer’s just trying to make himself feel special.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Hey Ben I’ve always wanted to ask someone who uses the word ‘wanker’ what country they are from. Is it a UK thing or Australian?? Just wondering?? Mucho..

  52. M says:

    YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. Is it just me, or did Silva finish Sonnen TWICE? The first time he did it with a broken rib, and this time he literally chose the moment to finish the fight. (Did anyone else catch his corner’s comment after the first round: “Okay, the first round is gone, now we fight!”)

    • WrestlingRules says:

      WTF, It’s called a pep talk for a beat up fighter…. Do you actually believe that Silva came out throwing all those girly air punches and missing on purpose because he wanted to let Sonnen take him down???? You delusionals never seem to amaze me. What do yo do with zombies???

  53. ry tay says:

    fuck off kizer. this guy is such a wezel

  54. Nick says:

    This asshole Keith Kizer has no right to judge ANY professional fighter for his actions. Trying to discredit Anderson for minor infractions yet refusing to accept an obviously biased decision on the Pac-Brad fight. This guy is an assshole.

  55. Noirling says:

    Imagine if Silva were to get cut from Nevada fights. That means less money for UFC fights. That means less money for Nevada to tax. That means the governor is gonna fire this dumbass.

  56. Jason says:

    Keith Kizer needs to STFU….he doesn’t invite fighters to LV….they have scheduled fights and verifies their fighting license and medical clearance…..SUCK A BALLSACK KIZER!!!

  57. oomaplata says:


  58. Wickedmancometh says:

    WTF? Chael said “if you aint cheating, you’re not trying”! I guess that only applies if you win. Fn cry babies!

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