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Monday, 07/09/2012, 05:14 am

Tito Ortiz And Dana White Comment On Forrest Griffin’s Post-Fight Antics | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
After three rounds of back-and-forth action between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 Griffin left the cage. He was followed by Dana White who told him to “get the f–k back in the cage,” for the reading of the decision which went his way.

Before UFC commentator Joe Rogan got the chance to conduct Ortiz final interview Griffin decided to do the interview himself.

Tito Ortiz commented on the situation at the post fight press conference and admits he was “pissed” by Griffin’s antics.

“I was pissed. I’ve been in this sport a lot longer. You have to understand, 15 years ago, May 3, 1997, Joe Rogan was the first person to interview me, and I told him, I’m going to make a mark in this sport. It was my first fight. I said, just you wait. I’m going to make my mark in this sport. I helped build this sport to be what it is to this day. For Forrest to step in and do what he did, after running? I can’t complain about anything, as I said, I wish Joe Rogan got to interview me.”

UFC President Dana White also commented on the situation.

“He drives me crazy, this guy. It’s professional suicide, the things that he does. People love Forrest Griffin, okay? So I ran after him. I don’t have to tell you guys, everyone in this room knows exactly what I said. So he turned around, and he ran back into the ring. … “It’s Tito’s last fight. If Tito won his fight, stand there, get your hand raised or Tito’s hand raised. If your plugging for Joe Rogan’s fucking job, it isn’t going to happen. Leave the microphone alone until Joe comes over and talks to you. I love Forrest Griffin, always have. He’s a great guy but he gets a little kooky sometimes.”

For his part Griffin sincerely apologized and explained himself.

“I sincerely apologize. I don’t know what I was thinking. I sincerely apologize, I’m sorry. … I wasn’t too pleased with my performance. I put big emphasis on finishing, felt like I had an opportunity to finish it in a very close fight. I left it in judges’ hands. When I got up from that takedown in the third, I thought I had opportunity to make it at least a more lopsided fight and I couldn’t capitalize on that and I was frustrated.”

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41 Responses to “Tito Ortiz And Dana White Comment On Forrest Griffin’s Post-Fight Antics | UFC News”

  1. John M says:

    Still love Forrest and always will

  2. colonel kurtz says:

    that was frickin embarrasing

    • AJ says:

      Yeah, it was nucomfortable to sit through the whole post fight experience with Forrest. He has always been a little different/a little off…but that was downright disrespectful, and frankly, sad.

  3. m says:

    not only was it disrespectful to run out the ring but Tito didn’t get the farewell he deserved. Forrest tried to make it into a joke.

  4. Jayden says:

    Why did he want to finish him so bad anyway? Like the crowd would have liked that. They just wanted a solid fight and a good send off for Tito, if you are insecure about your fighting ability see a counselor, don’t be such a child and have a cry during a professionally run sporting event. END RANT lol. Nah I love forest but that was silly, he souls have known better.

    • Mike cannon jr. says:

      He left the ring cause he knew he lost… Most EFFECTIVE BLOWS… not the most… While running.. And pot shooting Tito… With powder puffs..

  5. A.James says:

    I thought Tito won and obviously so did Griffin.

  6. Drew says:

    Never liked griffin. Ex cop. Ex pig. Tito won that fight. One the best memories I have is when Anderson dropped griffin in the first round 3 times and the piggy ran away crying. I hope griffin never fights again.

  7. yogurt slinger says:

    Pissed Tito had to go out like that, not the fight, but final farewell. Forrest is an idiot if you ask me

  8. Xaninho says:

    Sometimes I think Forrest Griffin is alot like Forrest Gump. He does the most unusual, awkward shit. Maybe braindamage?

  9. Mr Hydes says:

    Forrest is a retard he completely stole tito’s last farewell, and made it into a big joke that was so disrespectful. Also not to mention Tito Dropped Forrest twice, and had three take downs, Tito won that fight hands down especially on his last fight! come on man that was gay. Forrest is a terrible fighter i gotta say he needs to retire just as bad as Tito.

  10. Kelly S. Parrson says:

    It is enertainment when you can wear a bandana over your face or a mask to the ring it starting to be like all star wrestling. So who cares! You ban a fighter wo fought for the organzation because he was on oxycodone it makes a guy wonder the fighters do what ever Danna White wants but when they need help with the pain he bans them. Sounds shady to me. It is tough to train and fight once a year but what was it four in a row some one is going to be hurting. You ont want drugs but you sure promote the hell out of beer an drinking. So if it was me I would of went to the loc room showered paid a fine if I had to and move on to the next day.

    Captain Parrson

  11. Lucas says:

    Forrest is a border line lunatic who thinks he´s funny, pour guy…

  12. Rufus says:

    Do you bunch of dumb asses even watch UFC or just this fight lol. Tito Ortiz is a piece of shit he has won only a couple good fights thats it he has done nothing for this sport but run his mouth to people and not back it up like when he was a chicken shit to fight Liddell he sucks and always will good reddens fuck tard!!!!

  13. halfway says:

    Tori is an idiot who always talked a big game and lost to just about every legit fighter he faced. He will be remembered for being a jackass and Chuck’s personal punching bag.

    With that said, Forest is the biggest crybaby. He probably thinks he’s still got a shot at being champ but his days are over.

    • Actually Forrest is going to retire and for the better. He also stated that he wasn’t going for a title. I use to love Forrest but after the Rashad Fight which he was winning things just GOT REAL. He sucks now and he needs to retire.

  14. pthance says:

    Tito is a tool, I couldn’t be happier that he feels dissed by this.

  15. Rick James Bioch says:

    Look Forrest Griffin acted like a jackazz and he should have shown some class…

    However Tito is the biggest douche there is and it couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy. Tito has never gave a dam about anyone but himself and in the past 5-6 years the only person he was really able to beat up is Jenna Jameson.

    So glad I don’t have to ever watch another boring Tito Ortiz fight!!!

  16. Jyoung says:

    I can understand why people would think that Forest was being disrespectful, but I honestly believe that it was the farthest thing from his mind. Yes, Joe Rogan has the job of interviewing fighters after the match, but why not get a fighters perspective of questioning after the fight, especially seeing they have had 3 fights that have all went the distance. Forest left the ring to give Tito his moment, and from what I understand they made him re-enter the ring, was it the wisest choice to grab the mic from Rogan, not necessarily, but in my opinion it was Forest’ way of showing his final respect to Tito, not to make a mockery oh him.

  17. turpin says:

    first off, im guessing not one of you have any experience in fighting, just a guess. second tito is a piece of shit, totally full of himself. i love forrest, he has his quirks but is a good dude. anyone remember forrest’s first fight? most amazing fight ever. prolly why is voted num. one fight of all time. “just guessing” what ever forrest did, it was a mistake. you dont know the stress these guys go through, so what he did is understandable. his beef with tito just overwhelmed him. it happens to EVERYONE! if you say you have never made an ass out of urself, well ur a damn fool. everyone makes fucked up decisions, so for you to judge him on that, shame on you. he made a mistake, we all do. he apologized and we move on. but my 2 cents, i think its funny, tito is an arrogant piece of shit so fuck him he deserves it. props to griffen for being a good, extremely hard working, training second to none, fighter. enough said

  18. Jeremy says:

    How can people still be calling it a draw when the fight summary was even pulled up at the end? Forrest not only threw but landed WAY more punches than Tito did.

  19. anthony360 says:

    Congrats to Forrest. He’s done more for MMA in 3 rounds with Bonnar, than Dana and Tito could ever of done. Ive been a fan since i was in 2nd grade. I didnt pick out Disney movies at Blockbuster, I picked out UFC VHS’s.

    Dana White would be a Joe Nobody if Forrest never came along, and TIto is a punk ass bitch crybaby, this is the first time I think he didnt blame the loss on something, maybe Tito finally grew up. For those two bitches to talk shit about a real, stand-up, nice guy like Forrest is ridiculous.

    They should thank him for there paychecks there receiving, because without Forrest, who’s to say the UFC ever gets national popularity- to the point results are announced on the bottom line on ESPN. Fuck You DANA! YOU ARE NOT THE GOD OF MMA YOU BALD HEADED FAGGOT.

  20. Mike cannon jr. says:

    I agree.. Dana is a peice of nutt riding shit… All u queefs .. Make me laugh.. It’s really obvious your WWE / lesner idiots…. The one idiot talking about how Tito only ever cared for himself … Was extra fuqn retarded… Lmfao… Wow… Is it time for your meds?.. Or perhaps your bedtime…I couldn’t imagine your parents ever feeling pride… Ahahahahahahahaha .. I fuqn hate Joe ro_gaine lol… And mike shitberg … IDE rather see a fighter be interviewed by another fighter… Refereed by fighters.. And also judged by fighters.. Only… No more bitcheZ behind the mic … Wearing a ref shirt.. Or sittin n a judges seat….. Leave u bitcheZ at home..

  21. pisstitties says:

    Fucking hell this website sucks. Why don’t your writers know the difference between your and you’re?

    Fucking amateurs.

  22. 757 says:

    Tito is a big bullshitter. Always crying and making excuses. He did allot early in his career but got smoked as time went on. Forrest made some great contributions and I always enjoyed his humor. He was hard working and never arrogant like Tito. They both did their thing now they should move. Forrest can go enjoy life with his wife and Kid. Tito can….do whatever Tito does. I guess making T – shirts that don’t sell and watching porn the porn flicks that his wife was in. Whoever the punk was in this thread who called Forrest a former pig because he was a police officer is a real piece of shit.

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