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Monday, 07/09/2012, 01:37 am

Chael Sonnen’s Trainer Feels Sonnen Could Be Done Fighting After Second Loss To Silva | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Neil Melanson comments while appearing on The Verbal Submission.

Melanson head grappling coach at Xtreme Couture took over Sonnen’s preparation for UFC 148 after Sonnen’s head coach Scott McQuary suffered a heart attack.

Melanson comments on Sonnen’s loss to Anderson Silva and would not be surprised if it was the last time we saw Sonnen competing in the Octagon.

“Any time you’re a part of training camp or you’re friends with somebody and they lose, you just worry about them like, how are they gonna handle it mentally? Are they gonna come back from this? You know, I don’t know what Chael’s plans are, but I got a feeling he’s done fighting. I don’t know. I’ve just got a feeling he’s done. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think he was serious when he said, ‘If you beat me, I will leave forever,’ and there’s a very good chance of that.”

Sonnen has said on numerous occasions that if he can’t be the best then there’s no point in fighting. After two losses to Anderson and no chance of a rematch any time soon this could be the final straw for Chael.

“I never met anyone that had a scenario where it’s like, ‘If I don’t win this then I’m done,’ it never worked out positive for them because, just in my experience, you have to love the grind and if you love the grind, eventually you’ll get what you want because you give up what you need to give up. Apparently Chael had his limit like, ‘This is it, I’ve had enough. If I don’t win this then it’s all not worth it.’ Having lost that, yeah, there’s a very good chance he could pursue other things. He’s a very smart guy, very well spoken. I know, whether he’ll admit to it or not, he has a lot of passion to be a broadcaster of sorts. He seems to excel in any type of speaking arrangement. He loves doing interviews. He loves hyping fights and I’m sure he loves training. He’s a good fighter. He’s a great fighter and he’s an awesome athlete but he can’t fight forever and maybe he’s at a point he’d like to do something else. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong.”

However at the pre-fight press conference Sonnen himself commented on the loss and it would appear that ‘The Gangster From West Lynn, Oregon’ has some fight in him still.

“You can’t get down. You can’t get depressed. Every single day you get up, you’ve got to make the most of it. I really believe that if you’re going to be in this company [UFC], and take up a spot, you’ve got to be chasing a championship…. It’s tough but, unfortunately, it’s not my first athletic defeat. In this sport you have a 50 percent chance of failure. So you get out there and put in your mouthpiece and you do the best you can. You’ve got to man up sometimes.”

What’s your take on the situation do you think we will see Sonnen compete in the Octagon again ?

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0 Responses to “Chael Sonnen’s Trainer Feels Sonnen Could Be Done Fighting After Second Loss To Silva | UFC News”

  1. punchkick says:

    chael should challenge john cena, gangster vs gangster!

  2. jbeamazing says:

    Fuck them all I have never heard I man in pro sport make me lauff out loud and then at the same time go down to the wire with the greatest fighter of all time and not get more love just because he is selling him self to the media and selling a fight against a mute he is actually a good guy in real life not so much in mma interviews but that’s the appeal you know your on to something when ever chat room is talking about you good or bad good for him thought he will have success outside the octagon for sure

  3. Sam P says:

    @ get rid of fitch
    you have a midgets mind and thats how I like my bitches call me again for a dirty time you 4 th eye dipping mad man

    4th eye is the brown eye 😉

  4. Jpeech says:

    I am a huge fan of Sonnen. It was a great first round for him. Anderson didnt fight like a champion should in my opinion(Bring on the hate) but Anderson had a great knee that finished the fight. I just hope Chael doesnt retire because that would be lame…… just fucking lame

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Didn’t fight like a champion? And how do you come to that conclusion? Anything to make you feel better about another loss for Phael…

      • Shawn says:

        I beginning to believe that Silva sees everything in slow motion. He avoided the left hook and follow-up back fist, like Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix. lol He ducked and moved his head back like he saw what was coming before it was thrown.

    • Guss says:

      Well…given how the second round went. I’m pretty sure Silva either let Sonnen take him down, or didn’t mind being taken down. Especially knowing that Chael’s rabbit punches wouldn’t do anything to him. Given Silva’s blow up a couple of weeks in a radio interview, and his aggressiveness towards Sonnen in their pre-fight presser and weigh-ins, including how the first round went, I can easily believe that was his plan to get into SONNEN’s head. False sense of confidence. Works every time. And yes…Sonnen didn’t “beat up” Anderson in the first fight. He punched him a lot, just like the first round in their second, but those punches weren’t very damaging. But Silva on the other hand, given Chael’s face in the last fight, and the ending of the second, THOSE were punches. Damaging punches. Punches that were intentional, calculating, and yes…painful. There is no more excuses Sonnen or his fan boys can make. Except how wrong they were. lol

    • Shawn says:

      The knee didn’t finish the fight, but it was the beginning of the end. It was the rain of heavy bombs coming down on Sonnen’s head the ended the fight. THOSE are how ground and pound strikes are done.

  5. dee says:

    They’re being over dramatic Silva had already moved on with his life, and they should too. It’s just a sport you win and you lose. Like the champ said it’s just a sport let’s have a cook out.

  6. Chaelisdead says:

    Yeah chael retire now as u promised you loser. I can see him on fox news having a show like bill oreilly. They are both ignorant racist criminals. I never understood why ppl find him funny? If only he had goid jokes but saying he is the best i dont know whats funny about it. He sounds more like retarded lame boring dickhead with the same lame jokes over n over. He should work cleaning up trash as he is some trash too. The goid thing is now he will stfu or else he will really look like a moron even for his fans haha

    • Wtfover says:

      What the hell are you talking about? How is OReilly a criminal? Chael yeah he’s plead guilty to a crime to avoid prison (you’d have done the same) but how is OReilly a criminal??

      You’re obviously a PINHEAD

    • Gracie Jiu Jitsu says:

      You should learn proper grammar and learn to have a sense of humor you stupid, stupid individual.

  7. chad says:

    Sonnen proved he is still able to dominate Silva but he missed that stupid spinning back fist and unfortunately you make any kind of mistake against Silva than he will finish you.

  8. Mach00man says:

    Chael is the next WWE Champion!

  9. Mr. Rusk says:

    Great, get rid of John n kenny and replace them with sonnen and bonnar

  10. Wrestler66 says:

    I hope Chael stays in the game would love to see him throw Wanderlei a beat down !!!!!!!

    • KIDD433 says:

      I trip out on you wrestlers,you call A BEATDOWN,taking an opponent down laying on top or them to avoid the fight,inflicting minimal damage,and fitching themselves a victory.Thats entertaining to you?you must find gay porn really sure theres plenty of Fitching for you to excite yourself with there!

  11. Nick says:

    Get rid of Jon Anik and have Chael do all of that if he does. I’m still a huge fan. But I do see him fighting again.

  12. I just don’t see where Chael can go from here.He’s got to go to the back of the line at Mw.I don’t see him moving to 205.Although i would like to see him get wrecked by Shogun,Machida,or decimated by Jones.I definetly don’t think he can make 170.Where else can Chael go from here apart from WWE or TNA?

    • Shawn says:

      Well, he has talked about taking on Jones. And he’s been trashing Vitor and Wanderlei. There’s also a rematch I’d like to see between him and Bisping. As long as I don’t have to hear him bitch and whine about Silva anymore. That got really tiring and annoying after a while. The unfortunate thing now, just like with all his fan boys, he’s got to take his foot out of his mouth, as well as the foot that’s up his ass. lol Don’t get me wrong, his SECOND loss to Silva made him go back to the Sonnen I became a fan of back in his WEC days. At least for now. lol

  13. mmahawk says:

    Wow…as always, Chael is a polarizing figure. As a Silva fan I have this to say:

    1. I didn’t care for his over the top WWE style Trash talk. I LOVED that he trashed talked Silva and his camp, but Chael is a habitual line stepper, and talking about a man’s wife and his nation, that’s just going too far.

    2. I admire that he gave Silva a tough fight in the first go-round. Hated that he cheated, but liked that he made Silva feel that he couldn’t just expect to walk in and dominate his opponents or clown them. He made Silva start taking his opponents seriously again. Think that’s BS, I say look at the Belfort and Okami fights.

    3. Chael is a top fighter. Love or hate him, he has skills. I think the Bisping decision was wrong, but since I’m not a judge, my opinion means crap. The guy is still dangerous. Maybe a test fight at 170 or 205 for him, to see if a move is warranted. Otherwise, as someone else said, he still has fights he could take at 185. Belfort. Wandy. Franklin. Bisping 2. Munoz. Lombard.

    4. His cheating. Hated it. Why? Because it in many way invalidated his dominance over Silva in the first fight. Was it Chael or the extra Test? I say a little of both…but I think he gets more credit if he hadn’t pumped up is Test levels.

    So I get why both fighters have haters. People who like the underdog or over the top trash talk (or even those who actually admire Chael’s in cage skill) will like him. Cool I say. I like Silva. I don’t always agree with what he has done. I still hate the way he clowned Maia in Abu Dhabi, and I do admire the skill of Sonnen. Hopefully one day he’ll get out of the shadow of the PED and have another fight with someone that will redefine him for his skills and make us forget his past.

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