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Tuesday, 12/31/2013, 09:31 am

0-3 Bobby Voelker Will Not Be Released Says UFC Boss

Bobby Voelker (pictured, right), who has now gone 0-3 inside the octagon, will apparently get another chance to snatch his first elusive UFC victory.

After going 4-1 in the Strikeforce promotion, Voelker moved to the UFC and lost to Patrick Cote, Robbie Lawler and William Macario.

Voelker fought Macario last weekend at UFC 168, and suffered a lopsided decision loss where he was beaten and battered throughout all three rounds. He put up a gutsy and honorable performance, and UFC President Dana White took notice.

“He’s 0-3, and he’s not going anywhere. He took the Robbie Lawler fight on short notice, and tonight he was busted up and keeps moving forward, keeps trying to win,” White said after the bout.

Even Macario lauded Voelker’s toughness. “He hurt his hand trying to knock him out, so he feels from this point forward that no one is going to be able to knock the guy out,” Macario said through a translator.

Voelker has always shown a level of grit and perseverance in his fights, and this has led him to have a secure spot in the UFC, even with three straight losses, at least for now.

“We don’t cut guys like that,” White said.

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